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About IVF Clinic Vitalis

Центр ЭКО Виталис


The birth of a child is a real miracle that many couples are waiting for. However, sometimes having children fails without the doctor’s help. Our Center was created to help people overcome these difficulties and find their happiness.

Center Vitalis is the chamber IVF clinic, we do not use the principle of "conveyor", that is common in large reproduction centers. Each situation is unique and we are attentive to the history of each couple that comes to us. Our specialists will select the most appropriate method of assisted reproductive technologies, provide full support before and during pregnancy and help you to become the parents of a healthy baby.

In the IVF Clinic Vitalis work the doctors with strong experience of infertility and miscarriage treatment. The doctors of the center constantly improve their skills and actively participate in Russian and international conferences, which allow them to use modern methods of diagnostic and treatment of reproductive disorders. Strong clinical experience, fundamental knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology in combination with modern equipment and innovative methods of infertility therapy allow us to achieve comprehensive results in the treatment of our patients.

The mission of our Center is careful approach to patients and the birth of a healthy child.

The IVF Clinic Vitalis benefits:

  • High efficiency treatment of any types of infertility and miscarriage.
  • Reliable modern equipment.
  • Many years of clinical experience of all specialists of our clinic.
  • Effective treatment of combined severe forms of infertility in patients with previous failed IVF attempts.
  • Full time availability of your attending physician ensures the provision of urgent medical care.
  • All types of infertility treatment methods are available in our clinic (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, all methods of ART, including pre-implantation diagnostics).
  • A cozy atmosphere, attentive and friendly staff make your clinic stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Professional psychological support is performed at all stages of IVF, pregnancy and childbirth.

The goal of the clinic’s doctors is to preserve the health of future parents and perform the birth of a healthy child, but not to achieve pregnancy by any ways or means.