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Guest 30.05.2019 15:11
Oksana Sergeevna, thank you very much for the gift of happiness of motherhood; may God bless you and grant you health and strength for the good work that you do every day! Now I am a happy mother of a charming baby, and in the recent past — a difficult patient of Oksana Sergeevna. I am over 40 years old, with many surgical interventions in the past, many health problems and many problems with my husband... I always dreamed of a child, but it did not happen, and then my doctor said: “Go to Bykovskaia, she is a Star!” I will not list everything that happened to me on the way to my cherished goal, I just can say that the situations were very serious, and I could give up a thousand times and quit everything, but my husband and me stubbornly went towards our goal! And even when I lost the new pregnancy again, after another IVF attempt, we did not despair, but decided on surrogate maternity. The decision was not easy and I am very grateful to my husband for his understanding, determination and support! However, here we were under serious test too: until the last moment we were not sure that the surrogate mother will give us our baby ... Now when everything is behind, and my treasure is sleeping sweetly in her crib, I want to say to women who are just thinking about this topic. Firstly, be confident in yourself, in your strength and in a positive result. Secondly, trust your doctor completely and follow all instructions clearly. Thirdly, calmly treat failures, difficulties and obstacles, go ahead and succeed! If your option is surrogate maternity, then work through an agency or an intermediary, it will save you from many problems! Good luck to you on this way, and a great thanks for Oksana Sergeevna once again for her professionalism and sensitivity!

Guest 29.04.2019 17:09
We want to thank the entire clinic staff .... you feel yourself natural!!! High professionalism of the medical staff, special thanks to Dr. O.S. Bykovskaia, who was close to us from the very beginning to the end and personally followed all the actions and manipulations. Heartfelt thanks!

Guest 09.03.2019 09:07
I could not get pregnant with my husband during 2,5 years. A great number of tests, examinations, different types of treatment, several surgical interventions. Already desperated, we asked the doctors about IVF possibility, and we always heard one answer – “take your time, everything will work out.” During the visit to the Bykovskaia Oksana Sergeevna it turned out that it was not even a complete picture, and the chances of natural conception were practically zero. Oksana Sergeevna is quite strict and demanding, but at the same time, she is an absolute professional in her field! She promised us IVF from the first attempt, but not from the third or tenth, as promised the other clinics, and this is considered to be normal. We came to the clinic for an appointment in February, and 3 months later happened a long-awaited pregnancy. During all pregnancy, I was under the observation of Oksana Sergeevna. All tests and examinations were performed at the IVF Clinic Vitalis. Thank you for the miracle that gave us the happiness to become the parents!

Elena, Valeriy 25.02.2019 15:10
We want to express our deep gratitude for our long-awaited treasure, to a wonderful person with a sensitive heart and warm hands, a Professional from the capital letter and just a doctor from God — to Oksana Sergeevna Bykovskaia. After a number of unsuccessful IVF and more than 6 years of waiting for a miracle, from the very beginning of our acquaintance, there were no doubts that we will succeed with this doctor. After passing additional examination, we entrusted our destiny to Bykovskaia O.S. — and we have never regret it. After I knew about my pregnancy, there was no limit to our happiness. Geographically, we were 4500 km far from Moscow. I received all instructions, recommendations and appointments from the doctor in remote regimen 24/7. The doctor works with the most difficult diagnoses. She always speaks frankly, what result should be expected. Unfortunately, there are few such doctors with an individual approach. Be sure to turn to Oksana Sergeevna Bykovskaia for the second time! Thank you so much from all our family for such a warm and reverent attitude, for professionalism and a sincere desire to help such families as ours! God bless you and your loved ones!

Varduhi 17.04.2018 11:12
Hello everyone... I am familiar with doctor Bykovskaia for a long time. She is a very good doctor and specialist in her field ... I was treated abroad and came to visit Oksana Sergeevna being pregnant. She observed me with great professionalism, gave the human advices, answered all my adequate and inadequate questions very nicely). Now we are born, and we are fine ... For the second child, God grant, too, I will return to her!

Olga 11.03.2018 18:10
I was diagnosed with infertility two years ago. The only option to get pregnant for me was the IVF. When I found my soul mate, we applied to the Moscow IVF Center Vitalis; doctor Bykovskaia consulted us. Considering my specific condition, we were offered IVF with ovarian stimulation. Honestly, it was the option that I was afraid, hoping that everything would take place in natural conditions. The doctor explained to me in plain language why I should use this method, and told me that it was safe under the certain conditions. We believed her great experience, the degree of candidate of medical sciences and were not mistaken. The procedure was well tolerated by me. It was possible to get pregnant from the second attempt. Pregnancy proceeded without problems. We are very glad that we met Oksana Sergeevna on our life way. I wish it would be more such doctors in our health care system.

Elena 20.02.2018 19:55
When I found out that I couldn’t become pregnant naturally, it was a real shock for me. It’s good that my beloved person was near and together we began to look for a way out of the situation. We got the doctors consultations and they told that IVF could help us. My way to job just passed through the IVF Medical Center Vitalis and returning home in the evening, my husband and I decided to stop by and talk with the doctor. We were appointed to Oksana Bykovskaia. We brought all medical documents at the visit. It seemed that we were not completely examined and, for the advice of the doctor, we passed additional tests. Test results were good and we continued the natural IVF procedure without additional stimulation. I got pregnant from the first attempt and now very soon I will become a mother. Thank you Oksana Sergeevna, you helped us a lot.

Valery 14.09.2017 22:14
We want to thank Bykovskaia O. S. for the opportunity to be parents! Three years of treatment from anything! My diagnosis: endometriosis, hormone dysfunction, high FSH and low anti-Muller hormone. I couldn't get pregnant on my own and turned to Oksana Sergeevna Bykovskaia. She said that it would not be easy, but difficulties do not frighten her; if I am ready, we will start trying! After a heap of tests and hysteroscopy, we entered the first short protocol! However, I flew away to rest, and there I was suddenly caught by ovulation. All efforts were down the drain. I had to perform the second protocol, a long one. It was hard, only 5 follicles matured. A puncture was done! The 3 embryos were raised, they were transferred in fact. I was ready for a triplet — just to have kids! Now I have an 8 months old daughter!

Dariya 19.12.2016 12:00
I want to thank Bykovskaia Oksana Sergeevna! I had a difficult case, many problems from the female side: endometriosis (endometriosis cysts were removed on both ovaries), frequent inflammation of the parovariums after abdominal surgery. I could not get pregnant; artificial insemination remained the last hope. Oksana Sergeevna administered stimulation and prepared me for implantation. She supported me and helped to cope with anxiety the first weeks after implantation. She is clever and a very good person, she always answered questions if something bothered me. Thank you for helping me become a mother finally! Thank you very much from my Masha and me!




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