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IVF with surrogate mother and donor sperm

As practice shows, a woman’s desire alone is not enough to become a mother. There are many diseases and life situations when such dream becomes unattainable. The most difficult are those cases where both spouses cannot become parents. However, even in such circumstances, the couple may have a child.

Indications for IVF with surrogate mother and donor sperm

This type of in vitro fertilization is used in cases when a man has no or low quality sperm. Donor sperm can be used in cases where a man is a carrier of genetic diseases, or when a woman does not have a sexual partner.

Participation of the surrogate mother in the IVF process is required in the following situations:

  • The absence of uterus.
  • The presence of adhesions, deformities or abnormal development of the uterus.
  • High risk of miscarriage.
  • Severe somatic diseases that may affect the process of pregnancy and delivery.
  • Failures in previous IVF attempts for an unknown reason.

The simultaneous participation of a surrogate mother and use of donor sperm eliminates all risks.

Features of the procedure

IVF with a surrogate mother and donor sperm is distinguished by some nuances both in medical and legal terms. The technique is performed in strict sequence and includes the following steps:

  1. A thorough examination of the couple and the surrogate mother. All sperm donors are examined immediately prior to the retrieval of biological material.
  2. Synchronization of the menstrual cycles of a woman and a surrogate mother with the help of hormonal medications.
  3. Ovocyte retrieval. The procedure involves ovarian puncture and is performed under general anesthesia.
  4. Fertilization of the received ovocytes by donor sperm.
  5. Embryos cultivation outside the body of a surrogate mother.
  6. Embryos diagnostic and their transfer to the uterus of a surrogate mother.

The surrogate mother is observed by the gynecologist throughout the pregnancy. All legal features of the procedure are prescribed in the contract that is signed by the both parties.

Each case of infertility requires an individual approach to diagnostic and treatment. If the IVF program with a surrogate mother and donor sperm is ineffective, the other methods that involve the use of donor male and female germ cells are chosen.